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we make marketing work for you.

Strategic Consulting

Equip you to visualize the race you’re running

This is typically where we start with our clients.


Most of our clients have come to us with the desire to reach more people, and have decided that being “more digital” is an important part of the strategy.


We help you understand the role that digital can play in your business strategy. We begin by asking a lot of questions about your target markets, assess your current capabilities, and give you a roadmap that will equip you to use digital tools to make your brand relevant and make the sustainable impact you desire.

team work DKR Marketing
Your Marketing Department

Execute your vision to reach your audience

We love working with our clients, and since we take an immersive approach with our consulting projects, we often stick around for implementation to get you up and running. 


Think of our team as your “bridge.” We have the expertise and capability to get you a bit down the road towards your destination. Our team is able to execute a variety of services to serve as your in-house resource to get your digital capability up-and-running.


Our Sevices include:

    • Social Media Management


    • Content Development
    • Copywriting


    • Graphic Design

Strategic Consulting

We equip you to visualize the race you’re running.

Marketing Expertise

Execute your vision to reach your audience.


Make good marketing decisions from the C-Suite

Community Development

Build an online network of brand ambassadors.

Executive Advisory

Equip you to make good marketing decisions from the C-Suite

We work with leaders.


We understand that in the digital world we live in today, one of the biggest challenges leaders face is the endless echo chamber of the social media environment.


As your trusted advisor, we spend time with you help you avoid your next communications crisis. We can help you establish rules and a framework to make sure that the core of your message gets delivered time and time again on web platforms.

What’s the right mix?

We find the right mix for you!

Digital Community Development

Build a vibrant online network of brand ambassadors

For organizations looking to make an impact and grow a network of loyal consumers or ambassadors, building an online community can be a great approach. We can help you visualize what your community will look like, build it, and help you to keep your audience coming back for more.


The only question is: what are you waiting for?