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A Local Marketing Agency with Global Experience

At DKR Marketing, we offer our extensive global marketing expertise to local clients who are keen on leveraging the current market disruption to do things differently. Our team views this as an exciting opportunity to assist business owners and marketers in envisioning how to thrive and expand their operations in this rapidly-evolving digital landscape.

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our story

I founded DKR Marketing after moving back to my hometown of Frankenmuth, MI when COVID started. Frankly, I didn’t expect to be here, living back in my small hometown and opening up a consulting business. For the last decade and change, I’ve been a city rat on a global scale.


When I left Frankenmuth after high school, I wanted to get out and see the world. I took up Chinese at Michigan State University, and ended up moving to Beijing, China where I spent the next seven years of my life. This was an unbelievably fast-paced growth period in my life, in which learned about the global relationships and digital connections that shape the world we live in.


I had an amazing opportunity to work as the only non-Chinese foreigner at Chinese digital media giant, Sina.com, and eventually started my own business, Fullreach China, helping international sports brands market to China.


Eventually, the road led me all the way back to Michigan. (I guess my 22 year old self already knew this would happen. I spent a few years in Detroit working in management consulting before COVID forced me to take stock of everything, remind myself of what is truly important in life, and find a new path. I’m guessing that if you were in business at all during this COVID period, you can relate.


Based here in Frankenmuth again, I’ve had the opportunity to see life in a different lens and find a niche. I’m blessed to have been able to lend my global marketing expertise to clients here locally that are really earnest about using the disruption in today’s market as an opportunity to do things differently. For me, this is a great opportunity to learn about new industries and products, and help business owners and marketers visualize how to grow and prosper in this new digital world we find ourselves in.


Can we help you market to millennials? Can we help you with social media? Yes, we have those covered. But more than that, we want to challenge you to think bigger about digital marketing.  We’ll also get you to think deeper about your brand – who you are, what makes you tick – and then craft a communication strategy that helps you reach your audience.


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