St. Lorenz
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Based in Frankenmuth, MI, St. Lorenz is one of the largest Lutheran church and school organizations in the United States.


As a traditional church community in the Midwest, St. Lorenz has struggled like many churches to develop a strong digital platform to communicate with current and prospective members.


The COVID pandemic forced churches to shut their doors, eliminating in-person worship services, the quintessential piece of member participation.


St. Lorenz was seeking outside digital marketing expertise to help the organization develop a digital communications strategy to support church and school engagement in the digital age.


  • Provide St. Lorenz with digital solutions to offer members and visitors corporate worship and fellowship opportunities
  • Assess and provide recommendations for more effective use of St. Lorenz’s social media accounts and digital channels
  • Develop a strategic approach to reach young families and younger members more directly via digital channels


Complete an “outside-in” assessment of St. Lorenz digital channels, including social media, online streaming programs, website, and mobile App.

Interview key personnel at both the church and school, lay leaders, and members across demographic groups.

Support the marketing specialist through training sessions.

Reviewed the viability of technology communication vendors and church management software.

Design and execute a congregation-wide survey to seek input on church values to be incorporated into a messaging strategy.


Developed a strategic communication plan for St. Lorenz to create and sustain a communications function within the organization.

Secure buy-in from the congregation for the establishment of church values.

Establish relationship and developed work plan with technology vendor to develop a unified app and website for the church and school.

Developed strategy and oversee the operation of St. Lorenz social media accounts.

Created and trained communication processes around a central communication hub.

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